CGI Pricing Guide

The 3D visualisation world is incredibly fast moving and the techniques and software regularly improved to create even more realistic CGI imagery. North Made Studio recognises this and to help give our clients an idea of what is possible for different budgets, we have created this CGI 3D visualisation price guide to help.

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The 3D visualisation sector is now following a similar pattern to that of web design in the mid 2000’s. Back in 2007 websites were a highly specialised mixture of design and coding that required specific software and highly experienced web designers and developers to create a bespoke website from scratch (most of the time). Nowadays a website can be knocked up by anyone with a little bit of time and basic knowledge of computer software.

This in turn made the price of a website very expensive, a lot of the time costing several thousand to create a simple portfolio site. Where as now a very good looking website can be ordered for just a few hundred and it offers all the same quality and style of the very expensive one from back in 2007.

3D visualisations are very much following this path, only a couple of years ago every CGI image needed to be created completely bespoke and the cost was astronomical. A single high quality scene could set you back several thousand. But over the last few years the software used to create these CGI images has massively improved and the skillsets of the designers have adapted to this new software to greatly reduce overall design time and so a very good 3D visualisation can now be created for a few hundred £’s instead of a few thousand.

Our Local Price Plan Structure

To keep things in the local vibe of North Made Studio we have replaced the usual bronze, silver gold and platinum tier system with a bespoke version focusing on the names of areas of the Manchester / North West regions. We have tried to keep our pricing packages as simple as possible, so you know exactly what you are ordering and are not either undervaluing or overvaluing a project.


A bit more detail about our 3D CGI pricing packages


Wythenshawe CGI Pricing package (Bronze)

Our standard or starter CGI package, this will allow for the creation of great 3D visualisation imagery for use in both online and offline marketing materials. All work is carried out by experienced in-house designers and modelling/textures are of a high quality industry standard.

This option is suitable for the majority of our clients who are looking to create simple but realistic CGI images to help promote a property or interior design service.

Chorlton CGI Pricing Package (Silver)

The next step up from our standard CGI package, the silver tier will dedicate more time to requirements for detailed modelling and apply higher quality textures.

Addition of population items such as cars and people. Also includes input from senior designers, to add the final polish.

Altrincham CGI Pricing Package (Gold)

A complete solution that offers the highest level of modelling and textures, all handled by our senior designers from start to finish.

Imagery supplied at higher resolution throughout the process from previews to final images (5k+ resolutions).

Full population of scenes with the ability to revise as much as possible to achieve exactly what you are requiring.

Lymm CGI Pricing Package (Platinum)

This is our bespoke 3D visualisation package, it incorporates all of the services and possibilities of the other packages but allows for a fully customised approach to the project from the ground up. Bespoke modelling in high detail, custom made textures where required, incorporation of animation, virtual reality, etc.

This package is suited to large projects that don’t fit into the usual boxes.


Unsure which package will suit your needs? Feel free to give us a call on 0161 807 0201 or ping us an email.