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Hotel, Bar & Restaurant Visualisations

The architectural visualisations we produce at North Made Studio are not just limited to residential properties, we also produce a large number of property visualisations for hotels, bars and restaurants. Style and aesthetics are something that these types of properties/businesses predominately rely on to be successful, especially in the modern era of Instagram. What a hotel/bar/restaurant looks like is a key factor for service based businesses like these as without the initial attraction towards them to gain customers, their level of service quality cannot be fully experience or tested. So without a strong style to attract custom, new businesses in these sectors can really struggle.

Thankfully North Made Studio can help by producing high quality visualisation and VR scenes for the exterior or interior of these eyes of properties. These visualisations can be utilised in marketing via online promotion, drumming up interest and excitement about a new hotel/bar/restaurant. Clever investment into visualisations and their marketing, can result in a new bar or restaurant being the “IT” place to be before it has even opened, filling guest lists and guaranteeing pre-bookings for several weeks or months. This guarantee of income for the first few weeks or months can make or break a new bar/restaurant
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Create excitement

The power of Instagram and its influencers is a huge factor in modern marketing and something that many hotels, bars and restaurant will factor into their development plans. Most of the time this results in the promotion of a new venue via social media beginning at the point the hotel/bar/restaurant opens. As before this the venue cannot be experienced, reviewed and promoted by third parties.
However if 3D visualisations are created of the bar/restaurant then Instagram and its influencers can get a “Sneak Peek” at the new venue. Photo-realistic visualisations and virtual reality tours can be utilised to give potential customers an experience of the venue before it is complete, creating enhancing excitement about the venue and making them want to come as soon as possible.
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Bar & Restaurant Visualisations

Any type of bar or restaurant can be created as a virtual space by North Made Studio, we work with architects, interior designers and fit out companies to create spaces that are true to the real world as possible. The bar or restaurant is created using CAD drawings to guarantee correct size and scale. Materials and finishes are paired up to what will be used in the final build. Furniture can be created from scratch to match up to what will be fitted in the final bar/restaurant space. This results in a high quality set of visualisations of the bar or restaurant, showing it as it is intended and giving an exact idea to investors/developers/customers about what the space will be like.
And of course these processes can all be edited, so if a colour scheme doesn’t look quite right, or the furniture is changed, this can be reflected within the virtual space and the bar/restaurant visualisation can be utilised as part of the project management process to create the space as efficiently as possible. Saving on redecoration and alterations to fit-out, etc
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Hotel Visualisations

We have worked with several hoteliers over the years, ranging from budget hotels with minimalist cookie cutter rooms, up to luxury boutique hotels that place a heavy emphasis on style and decor. Neither end of the spectrum is an issue for North Made Studio, our visualisations are all made from scratch, so a hotel’s rooms, reception, lobby, etc can be as simplistic or ostentatious as is required. Whichever style is necessary we can produce it and show these hotel spaces in high quality visualisations that have correct lighting and other effects that give them a photo-realistic quality.
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Interior Design Services

Over the years we have worked with a large variety of gifted architects and interior designers, we have also worked with several clients who have struggled to get their projects planned correctly and seen them suffer due to this. To help eliminate this we have recently started to offer interior design services to the clients who need it. Working closely with a few select interior designers and architects we can now assist with the initial stages of hotel, bar and restaurant projects before we get directly involved with the visualisations.

If you have an upcoming new venture in the hotel, bar or restaurant industry feel free to contact North Made Studio to discuss what we can offer and find out how we can help.