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Architectural Visualisation

interior visualisation
Interior Visualisation
March 3, 2016

What is Architectural Visualisation / CGI?

Exterior Architectural Visualisation @ North Made Studio
It is the creation of an artistic representation of what a building can look like once completed. It can be utilised for new buildings or existing properties that are subject to renovation or extension. Almost all building projects are now based on an architectural CAD drawing, at North Made Studio in Manchester our designers can utilise these 2D CAD drawings to create 3D models of the buildings in the correct scale. These 3D model of the buildings can then have textures added (brickwork, windows, flooring, etc) and lighting sources applied. Creating a complete 3D visualisation that will give a photorealistic image of what that new building or building extension can look like once completed.

Complete 3D Visualisation that will give a photorealistic image.

What is Exterior Architectural visualisation?

At North Made Studio we offer the complete package when it comes to 3D architectural visualisation, we can generate photo realistic images of buildings, interior and products. For the majority of our clients in the housing business we specialise in offering them brilliant exterior 3D visualisations to help to win tenders for new developments or achieve required investment and funding before any actual bricks have been laid. The CGI skills we offer can be utilised for so may companies but the benefits for architects and builders can be truly amazing. A relatively small investment in high quality CGI architectural visualisations for the exterior of a new building can sell that building before any other work is done, minimising costs on advertising and marketing. So attention and funds can be transfer to other areas of the projects, making the whole process smoother.
If you are redeveloping a building then it will make or lose you the sale. Its as simple as that. A great 3D architectural visualisation of your intended development will help to sell your building to potential clients/investors. A poor set of visuals or no visuals at all will create a massive dent in your ability to make that sale. At North Made Studio we are dedicated to offering top notch quality Architectural 3D Visualisations every time, we want you to make that sale. This is how we work, you make that sale, then you come back to us for your next property development project. And so on and so on.

For new build developments our architectural visualisations can also be used as part of the planning process. We can create 3D visualisations of your intended development to your specification, these can then be submitted as part of the planning permission process to councils and associations to help in your bid for approval. A quality architectural visualisation from North Made Studio can help make the planning process much simpler, the decision makers can see an accurate visual representation of the project and make an informed decision based on that. Our 3D architectural visualisations can really give you the edge if you are bidding for conduction contracts for residential of office buildings. It is great to have all the technical information present in your proposal but a picture really does speak a thousand words and a great set of architectural visualisation can really seal the deal.
Photomontage Residential 3D CGI BeforeCGI Residential on Hill

Residential Home Exterior Visualisations

We have worked with several housing development companies in Manchester, Liverpool and the North West. On each project we have undertaken, we have create photorealistic image sets of new build properties that helped to sell homes on those developments before any foundations were put in. By utilising the software available and our designers skillsets we can create single houses or multiple buildings that can be clad in a variety of different textures to suit your available materials or restrictions. Once the 3D model have been set up we can simply swap in and out new textures to give you bespoke architectural visualisations of your future properties in different finishes/colours to showcase your properties to potential clients. Our residential architectural visualisations are not just for new build properties, we can use photorealism to add our 3D creations to existing buildings. This type of architectural visualisation can be massively beneficial for property developers and building companies. By allowing North Made Studio to create visuals that show what an intended kitchen extension can do to a clients home can and most probably will make the sale. Our architectural visualisation services aren't only limited to the exterior visuals, in fact we can handle all type of interior projects.
There is no limit to the size or scale of project that our 3D architectural visualisations can be applied to, while we are happy to create bespoke 3D visuals for single houses we can equally apply our design techniques to apartment blocks. The process for us is the same, so there is no extra cost for creating something for a block of 4 apartments than there would be for creating a single house visualisation. Beyond the exterior visuals for apartments we can assist wth creating bespoke interior visualisations to showcase how the apartments can look inside. These interior visualisations for apartment spaces can become a huge selling point for a development project or estate agency advert, allowing a client to see what life would be like inside the apartment is a very engaging feature.

Commercial Office building Exterior Visualisation 

White Renders

A key part of the 3D architectural visualisation process are the "White Renders", this allows our designers to show the basic layout of a property CGI to the client and allow them to give sign off on the final design and the viewing angle that the full CGI visualisation will be taken from. Once this is approved the CGI scene can be fully texturised and rendered to produce a high resolution CGI image ready for final post production. You can see a nice example below of the white renders in action.
white renders for 3d cgi visualisationsStreet Scene CGI Manchester