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Interior Visualisation

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March 3, 2016
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March 3, 2016

What is Interior Visualisation?

It is the process of creating a realistic visual representation of an interior room / space that is correct to scale. Using building plans we can accurately create rooms to exact sizes and populate them with furniture and other decor to give a photorealistic visual of what that room can look like once completed.
The CGI interior visualisations we create at North Made Studios in Manchester can be used for residential or commercial building projects.

Interior Visualisation - the process of creating a realistic visual representation of an interior environment.

How would professionally generated 3D images help your company?

For architects the creation of a real world interior space to match up to your plans can prove to be an incredibly valuable asset when it comes to get a project green lit. Being able to see what an interior space can be like, makes the whole vision for a building project became a reality. Interior designers can utilise our Interior CGI Visualisations to showcase their intended design aesthetic and create a photorealistic representation that they can show to clients prior to any physical work taking place. Any questions or concerns your client may have can be discussed before the work starts, effectively guaranteeing interior designers a happy client.

Estate agents or property/building companies looking to sell or rent houses or apartments off-plan can allow North Made Studio to generate interior CGI images to give potential buyers a glimpse of what they would be buying. Images of a fully populated and decorated home are much more likely to get sales/tenants when compared to showcasing empty spaces or offering no interior visual at all.

Kitchen Visualisation

3D Interior visualisations can be created for any room in a building, but are usually requested for kitchens and bathrooms as these are the rooms that sell houses (usually). For property developers or building companies our 3D Kitchen Visualisation services can be used to showcase the variety of different finishes or styles available in kitchen ranges. So your potential client can have see exactly how their kitchen would look prior to it being completed. This process sounds long winded as there are so many configurations of colours and finishes available in kitchens, but once our designers have created the 3D models of the room and populate it with the kitchen units, it is a relatively simple process of just swapping over textures/colours.
For builders we can create kitchen CGI images to allow you to show your clients exactly how their kitchen renovation or extension will look once completed. We can use all your plans and dimensions to create the kitchen CGI imagery to the correct scale and accurately represent your intended work.

Living Room Visualisation 

A very popular request from our clients in the new build sector, our Living Room Visualisations offer a glimpse into what a room can become. This is a huge selling point for homes that are being sold off-plan. Allowing potential buyers to see how their new living room could look is an crucial feature. At North Made Studio Manchester we can fully populate living room spaces with furniture to you specification, put in lights, TVs and all other homely items that will make the living room feel like home, rather than an empty space. For interior designers our living room CGI visuals can be very useful, using provided dimensions we can recreate a room in three dimensions and add furniture & decor to your exact requests. So interior designers can give their clients a totally bespoke visualisation of how an already existing living room space can look once they have worked their interior design magic.
Unlike bathrooms and kitchens, the lack of specific in-built items (sink, oven, bath, etc) can allow interior designers to really utilise the power of CGI visualisations in the other rooms of the home. we have the creative freedom when it comes to creating bespoke interior designed bedrooms and dining rooms, everything can be moved around and reconfigured to give the best possible interior design aesthetic.

Bathroom Visualisation

Just like with our CGI kitchen visualisations if you are a building company or property development company with a roster of available bathroom fixtures, we can create a base for the bathroom visualisation and then just swap in and out textures or specific items (baths, toilets, etc) to quickly create 3D visuals bespoke to a clients requests.
For builders a bathroom renovation or extension can be easily visualised and you can give your client an accurate representation of what their new bathroom will look like prior to carrying out any work.