3D Floor-plans – Cheshire

South Manchester Housing Association (Part 2)
July 20, 2017
college architectural visualisation cgi close up
Manchester college CGI exterior visualisation
September 3, 2017

As part of a large project, including supplying over 2 dozen CGI images of a selection of single storey modern homes, we were tasked with also supplying 3 floorpans to show the variety of interior layouts available within the new property development in Cheshire.

Here you can see how the 3D floor plan CGI imagery we have created allows us to communicate the overall design of each house and showcase the size of each room in context.

Throughout this property development the living space is very much a main focus, this has been communicated well through the use of the 3D CGI floorpans. They help to illustrate the size and scale of the open plan kitchen diner and lounge areas. The 3D CGI floor-plans also show how each room of the buildings are linked and provide a walkthrough to show bedroom sizes, en-suites and reception rooms.

Although they are effectively a zoomed out view of the rooms, our 3D floorplan CGI images are still created in very high detail to give a high level of realism. These 3D CGI floorplans can be a massively valuable tool in new build property marketing by drawing the viewer into the space much more than a traditional 2D floorplan drawing ever could.

The level of detail can really bring the spaces to life and allow potential buyers to see the location of main features like windows and doors in every room, something that just room scene CGI imagery cannot show (without a virtual reality experience).

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