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Bespoke Kitchen | Interior Marketing CGI
March 5, 2017
bar interior visualisations manchester

A stylish cocktail of industrial materials and luscious metals.

North Made studio were called in by a leading bar chain to help visualise one of their latest projects – a bar themed around raw, architectural and industrial materials. A bar that was raw, honest, but was still warm and welcoming.

They required high end photo realistic bar CGI imagery to help promote their services such as event bookings, venues and day to day services.

With the help of our designers and stylist, we were able to create an array of CGI to help promote their vison. We believe we successfully combined their chosen materials together to create a series of harmonious, warm and clean images that helps them and their investors realise their end goal – to launch a new era of high end bars/cafes to appeal to a new generation of stylish consumers.

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