Bathroom Design | Marketing CGI


A splash of grey and natural woods

At North Made Studio, we don’t only create wonderfully delicious exterior and interior CGI’s – we also push the boundaries for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom visualisation.

We were approached by a leading North West bathroom manufacturer to successfully display their bathtubs, sinks and shower screens in to a stylish setting. They required their products to be ‘put front and centre’ and suggested a stylish contemporary lifestyle often enjoyed by young professionals.

With the help of our in-house stylist, we were able to carefully blend their products with subtle greys, off-white tones and with a delicate throwback to industrial retro styling.

Our CGI artists were able to create a set of photo realistic bathroom imagery that not only helped showcase bathroom products, but also add a touch of character and composition in to each shot. After all, we were employed to create a set of CGI images to help promote their bathroom products!