Bedroom Furniture Design | Marketing CGI

Edinburgh House | Extension Planning CGI
March 5, 2017
cgi product design in Manchester
Light Design | Marketing Photoshoot
March 18, 2017
product cgi design manchester

cgi design in manchester



North Made Studio worked in collaboration with a creative furniture design firm – Fox & Crane an interior design décor powerhouse, the button range introduces this range of stunning and Stockholm inspired bedroom furniture.

The aim of this project was to create an album of crisp clear but simple furniture CGI images for their range of bedroom furniture. Each piece of furniture was created with a meticulously attention to detail, right down to the very last millimetre!

The furniture is manufactured from solid oak wood, and it was our duty to ensure we could convey this accurately and clearly as possible with our computer-generated imagery.

With the aid of our in-house CGI stylist, North Made Studio was able to create a series of photo-realistic imagery that could be used for promotional marketing purposes. Some of our images can even be seen on a UK leading department store’s website!


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