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March 5, 2017
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March 5, 2017

Visualise classic drama with subtle tones of Walnut, Blacks and Oak

North Made Studio were instructed to create a collection of high end photorealistic interior kitchen visuals that would help realise a client’s vision for a bespoke kitchen for their property in Wilmslow, Manchester.

We were asked to model and produce a modern kitchen that would be able to withstand the daily rigours of life but still convey the essence of a traditional kitchen, with the mix of warm dark colours, tones and conventional features.

We went ahead with the clients wishes and designed a kitchen with rich walnut cabinet doors, Solid oak worktops and a large ceramic sink. With the addition of plant life and kitchen utensils, we were able to create an atmosphere that would give the sense of welcome, warmth and a genuine living space that would appeal to all.


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