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March 18, 2017
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March 18, 2017
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Modern style meets modern day durability

Computer generated imagery is usually associated with exterior and interior architectural visuals, however it is much more than that – this project is a prime example!

In 2016, North Made Studio was approached by a high end premium office furniture manufacturer to help visualise a range of office arm chairs aimed at high end office environments. The manufacturer is the leading supplier of reception and meeting room furniture, and it was our duty to help capture their vision and broadcast it to their end users.

We were asked to carefully execute and present a series of high end, super realistic CGI imagery at their annual product exhibition. The exhibition is a monumental event and involves meetings, presentations with potential clients and investors – so there was no pressure on us!

The aim of the project was to help showcase and pin-point attention on the quality of materials used for each chair, but also display their furniture in an environment which insinuates durability, style, robustness and quality – hence the concrete backdrop.

The images above are just some of the shots were created with the help of our experienced stylist and in-house 3D designers.

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