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Luxury Residential Development – Marketing CGI Visuals
December 3, 2017
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January 11, 2018
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At the end of 2017 we were approached by a flourishing property development company based in Cheshire. They tasked us with generating exterior CGI imagery for a pair of new build houses that were under development as part of a 4 house estate aimed at professionals with young children.
A key selling point of the development is that it is a secluded gated-off/walled-off mini community with a small stream behind the estate. To help communicate this we also generated a 3D site plan of the development in addition to the 2 exterior architectural visualisations of the building types available (the 4 houses were all detached properties, split into 2 design styles).
In terms of textures and materials the houses are to be made from antique Cavendish brick with standard grey slate roof tiling. In addition to adding the correct textures and materials to the CGI exterior visualisations we also added considerable detail to the areas surrounding the houses to communicate the development as best s possible. Significant landscaping was included to enclose the houses within the fenced off estate and keep the secluded feel.
Population elements that hint at the intended target market we added. Premium brand cars and moving people help to communicate the buys work/life balance that the intended target market are likely to have.

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