Modern housing development (exteriors)

Detached House – Cheshire
July 20, 2017
3D interior kitchen CGI visualisation
Interior CGI for modern development
July 20, 2017

Over the summer of 2017 we have been working on this project for a huge property developer  based in Manchester. The task was to generate exterior architectural visualisations of their eco-friendly modern single storey buildings. There were 12 different exterior house styles in total, all spread across a set of new streets in the heart of Cheshire.

Our initial tasks were to use the information provided by the architects to create exterior CGI views of each different house style, with an one 3D CGI house view of the front, and one 3D CGI view of the house from the rear. Now the front CGI view is the norm, almost all of our housing CGI imagery requires an exterior view of the front of the house/apartment, so that potential buyers can see the main focal point. But 3D CGI visualisations of the rear of properties are relatively unusual. But on this specific property development project the garden and surrounding areas were incredibly important to help promote the eco-friendly nature of the whole development. Throughout the property green materials and environmentally friendly processes were used, to ensure minimal environmental impact.

The style of the properties were very minimal, utilising white wall render on the majority of the facades with these walls being broken up by large aluminium framed windows and doors, plus timber cladding. The overall results are a set of 12 homes that look incredibly modern and allow the surrounding trees and landscaping to take a higher priority in the aesthetic.

For the exterior we generated 24 CGI views in total and an additional special marketing shot of the entrance on the largest house on the new development.

In addition the exterior architectural visualisations we also generated a variety of 3D CGI interior visualisations which can be seen here.

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