Interior CGI for modern development

Modern housing development (exteriors)
July 20, 2017
South Manchester Housing Association (Part 1)
July 20, 2017
3D interior kitchen CGI visualisation

3D interior CGI visualisation

From our perspective as an interior CGI visualisations company, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom – KBB is the main focus when it comes to 3D interior visualisations in the property marketing world. These 3 rooms of a house/apartment are the rooms that potential buyers will be looking at most and ensuring these rooms look great will greatly improve the likelihood of a potential buyer becoming a real buyer.

This project required CGI imagery for the bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens of several new houses. Each of these CGU images of the rooms needed to correctly communicate the high end feel and fit and finish of the property development. It is a property development in Cheshire, so ensuring a high quality look and feel was a must to establish confidence in potential buyers investment off plan.

The bathroom CGI imagery needed to showcase high-end bathroom fixtures and a premium style tiling throughout. The bedrooms needed to be furnished with modern and stylish items but kept in a minimal style to match the properties overall minimalist aesthetic.

And the kitchens were to be again minimal but with very high end textures and decor to give a wow factor.

In addition to producing these interior 3D CGI visualisations we also created over 2 dozen 3D architectural visualisation images for the exterior of the different house types available on the new development. You can see examples of these 3D exterior visualisations here.

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