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As part of this Cheshire based housing development we were tasked with generating 3D CGI visualisations for 2 kitchen diners. The housing development consisted of 4 houses in 2 different house types/styles, therefore we created 2 separate kitchen diner rooms that were very similar in style but differed greatly in configuration due to the layout fo the house floorplans.

The larger double fronted detached house allowed for a large kitchen to be accommodated. This is shown in the first image. The kitchen diner is configured in a large single room that accommodates a very large kitchen with a central island and incorporated breakfast bar. The remainder of the room is transformed into a spacious dining room with a great view of the garden from the bi-fold doors.

The smaller detached house offers a very similar style kitchen diner set up tower due to the reduction in size of the home the configuration of the kitchen diner has changed into a L shape. This change in room configuration still allows for a full kitchen and full dining room to be included, however the central island in the kitchen is now exchanged for an extended breakfast bar that helps to section off the kitchen from the dining room in a subtle way.


The decor for both kitchen diner CGI room scenes are very similar with cream/ivory kitchen cabinets and soft grey coloured worktops that help to match up to the grey tones within the dining area. Both kitchen diners opt for a half tiled and half carpeted flooring style with the carpeting helping to define the dining area from the kitchen space.


A big selling point for this housing development is the secluded nature of the build, with all 4 houses being build within an enclosed fenced area. We aimed to communicate this as much as possible by making the bi-fold doors a focal point in both kitchen-diner CGI visualisations.


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