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Office Space CGI – Manchester
September 3, 2017
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October 4, 2017
cgi interior design for office tenders

cgi interior design for office tenders

Another internal office space visualisation created for one of our interior design clients. This project was required at very short notice due to our client getting a place on the tender list at the last minute.

Thankfully the 3 interior visualisation CGI images that were required were part of an open-plan office space with glass partition walls, so this helped to reduce our modelling time when creating the CGI work.


The meeting room / reception space

This CGI scene was required to communicate the overall size of the open plan office space but also focus in on the main meeting area. The centre of the office was to be dominated by a comfy seating area for the dual purpose of holding informal meetings and acting as a seating area for visitors to reception. The central location of this space allows for 360 degree views of the whole office.

No electrical devices or mod-cons were added to this area of the office space to allow it to act as a switch off area as well as informal meeting point.


The personal office space

The next visualisation was to be focused around one of the glass partitioned individual office spaces. Although still part of the overall open plan office space the glass partitions offer a sense of seclusion to the office room.

The interior design theme of these personal office spaces was to mix industrial and minimalism, so super simple decor was added with bare brick walls and stone tiled floors. Office furniture and lighting were kept as popular modern options.

Small population elements were added like bowls of fruit and cups of coffee, to help give the office space a realism element.


The work station

The third CGI scene for this office interior design project was put together to complete the overall office style. It helps to communicate the high end nature of the companies work with the incorporation of Apple iMacs, ergonomic office chairs and quality looking desk benches.

Even with our short timescale on this project we still managed to add in detailed elements such as correct glass reflections and population elements including pencils, waste paper baskets and architectural paper plans.



Due to the very short timescales given on this particular project we opted to focus on the overall style of the interior CGI visuals rather than going for very high realism, this is why smaller details are missing. Things like power sockets, cords, cables and very high detail textures have been omitted to allow us enough time to create the internal CGI images with enough wow elements elsewhere.

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