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Luxury Residential Development Manchester, Marketing 3D CGI Images
October 4, 2017
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Cheshire based detached houses marketing CGI
January 11, 2018
Luxury Manchester Detached House Interior

Here we have a set of CGI images created for marketing material on a new residential housing development in Cheshire. The task was to generate a selection of CGI marketing images that would help to correctly communicate the modern but traditional styling the developer has chosen.

The property was a 3 bedroom 2 storey house in a traditional style but with a modern twist of an open plan living space on the ground floor. Open plan living areas are incredibly popular in new residential developments as they allow for a wider range of clients to become interested in buying/renting the property and help to exaggerate the space available on the interior of a house or apartment.

In terms of interior decor there are several fixed items that we had to include as part of the CGI modelling. The decorative skirting boards with matching dado rails and floor to ceiling curtains. These items help to promote the traditional styles of the development. Elsewhere we added soft furnishings with a similar traditional ethos. A classically designed sofa and armchair help to bring together the living room area and muted gold accents in picture frames, lamps, side tables and lighting elements also help to get that traditional aesthetic across to the viewer.

The developer sold these houses and apartments within this development unfurnished, so the interior CGI marketing imagery we created was purely for promotional purposes and was only used for online marketing view websites and social media, so only 2K renders were produced to help get the development advertising and sold as quickly as possible.


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