South Manchester Housing Association (Part 1)

3D interior kitchen CGI visualisation
Interior CGI for modern development
July 20, 2017
South Manchester Housing Association (Part 2)
July 20, 2017

A major new development for an established housing association in South Manchester. The housing association came to us with a brief of generating over a dozen CGI images to help in their online and offline promotion of the new development site and its variety of house styles and sizes.

This development consists of over 24 homes in total, utilising 3 different house types/styles on the exterior and a mix of 2, 3 and 4 bed layouts on the interiors. The development stretches over 4 roads to create a new housing estate in a borough of South Manchester.

The style of houses incorporated red and grey/black bricks as well as white rendered wall sections. This mix of materials and colours helps to create a modern looking set of houses

Here you can see the bespoke 3D CGI visualisations we have created to showcase the exteriors of the different house types available on the development. All brickwork, roof tiling, windows, walls, fencing, etc has been specified by the housing association and our design team generated the 3D architectural visualisation to there specific requirements.

These 3D CGI building images once completed we’re supplied to the housing association and due to their 4K resolution they were scaled up for use on large format hoarding signage, advertising the new development while work on its construction was taking place.

In addition to being used on signs, the 3D CGI imagery was also supplied in lower resolution files for use in online advertising and marketing.

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