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What is Virtual Reality?

An ever growing area of technology, virtual reality is becoming more of a reality, the software and hardware to showcase 3D visualisations in realtime as a VR space are now at a point that they can be offered to the general public. At North Made Studio in Manchester we are dedicated to offering our clients the highest grade of experience and service, this is why we are heavily investing in Virtual Reality and are actively incorporating it into our live projects as much as possible.

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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality allows us to create a 3d visualisation of a space, be it a room or an exterior area (but its usually a room) and add in a physical representation of the user that can be used to view the CGI visualisation as if they were standing within it. Using VR headsets the person can stand within a 3D visualised room, look at it from all angles and even walk through it if they want to. Even if you don’t have a headset to properly view the VR visualisations we can still add them to a virtual window that can be scrolled through to be viewed from all different angles.

How would High-end Virtual Reality help your company grow and expand?

For building and construction companies our virtual reality visualisations can be utilised to create a realities visualisation of a space that can be viewed from within in realtime. Just imagine allowing a potential client to stand inside the kitchen of a house they are intending to purchase and being able to move around in the space to see it from all angles, and get a full experience of what their potential kitchen would look like. All in the correct scale and with their specified decor.

The Virtual Reality Visualisations we create at North Made Studio in Manchester can be generated for any room in a home, office or venue. With a VR visualisation you can offer clients the ability to truly experience and area before any physical work has taken place.

Virtual Reality is an ever growing sector of technology and so at North Made Studio we will be updating and upgrading our VR abilities as and when new technologies become available or prove themselves useful to our clients needs.

If you are bidding for a tender on a new project or just need to give your project an edge, Virtual Reality really is the next step up the ladder. 3D visualisations are an amazing way to showcase your intended vision, but allowing a user to experience these 3D representations of spaces/rooms through VR will truly make your projects stand out from the crowd.

Virtual Reality can be a huge advantage for estate agents or property developers looking to give their advertising a little something extra to get buyers interested and make them seem a cut above the rest. For new developments or renovations our designers can create VR 3D visualisations of different rooms to give potential buyers to ability to see and experience that room in a photorealistic representation that is to the correct scale. Potential buyers can see spaces populated with furniture and see if that property will suit their needs. For off-plan buildings the Virtual Reality Visualisations can help to put buyers minds at ease, If they have experience the property in a virtual reality environment then they don’t have to worry about how the building will look when the build is complete.

Kitchen / Bathroom Virtual Reality Design

For new builds we already offer the ability to generate CGI imagery of intended kitchen and bathroom spaces, but with the added aspect of virtual reality these 3D visualisations can be taken to the next level. Not only allowing your clients to pick out the exact specification of the new kitchen or bathroom, but also experience it from within using a VR headset.


Living Room Virtual Reality

Arguably the most relevant room in a home for getting a user experience from, the living room is a space that any potential buyer is like to use the most and so offering the ability for that buyer to see and experience their potential living room in VR will give them a whole new perspective on the room and allow them to make sure that they are happy with how it will be once completed in the real world.

Commercial Office Space Visualisation 

For office spaces the virtual reality techniques we use at North Made Studio in Manchester will allow us to create your new offices in 3D and effectively allow the user to experience being inside the office. We can even personalise the experience to allow the user to experience what the office space would be like from the perspective of an employee sitting at their desk.

virtual reality interior renders

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