How can Marketing companies utilise CGI visualisations?

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June 30, 2019
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October 28, 2019

It is quite simple, your marketing company has already secured a client, you handle their printing, graphic design, online presence, etc. But they may have a new product or property that they want to promote, but ti doesn’t exist just yet. They will need to source aCGI studio to generate a 3D visualisation of the product of property to allow them to come back to you and market it via your traditional media. Why not fully service your client and undertake the CGI visualisation yourself? Eliminate the risk of your client going to a different agency, appoint a successful CGI studio like North Made Studio to undertake the creation f the visualisation on your behalf, we are happy to work as a “white label” company within your framework. Extending the range of services you can offer and potentially opening up new and interesting avenues of revenue.

At North Made Studio Manchester we also create virtual reality visualisations, these are incredibly engaging and attention grabbing. Showcasing a product or property via this medium is almost guaranteed to get hits on social media in large numbers. Even people who are not being directly targeted tend to take notice when they get a glimpse of a VR.