Bustling retail and social space in Manchester
manchester union cgi - open plan f and b spaces visualised

This project tasked our CGI team with creating 2 very busy spaces as part of a large scale retail space development. The areas needed a strong social influence to be shown, so once the scenes were created a huge amount of population elements were added to help bring them to life.

The main image focused around and large interior area that benefits from a glass room, effectively making it seem outside. This main space was styled around a modern city market, with communal seating areas in the centre with boutique bars, shows and eateries dotted around the circumference. The second shot was focused around one of the large indoor areas. The communal seating areas extended into here, but more intimate seating was also added to give an interesting contrast. Creating a shared space that allows for an open-office style working setup within the more private seating areas sections off for meetings.

manchester city centre market CGI visualisation

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