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The core of most architectural visualisation projects. CG imagery is where we start, transforming 2D plans and project specs into 3D models and accurate visual representations of properties.
From single buildings to full development schemes and masterplans of cities, our abilities encompass it all.
Interior spaces, exterior architecture, landscaping, all areas of a development can be visualised to provide valuable marketing content.

House Type Images

Individual images to feature a specific house-type for a development. These are great to showcase the finer details of the architecture and materials. SEE MORE

Street Scenes

Wide-angle shot that picks up several properties within a development. Allows the layout and positioning of buildings within the site to be communicated clearly. SEE MORE


Elevated viewpoint that visualises all buildings within a development site. Creating an accurate representation of the site, showing specific plots, houses, landscaping, surrounding location, etc. SEE MORE

Apartment block & high-rise skyscraper visualisations

Architectural Visualisations for large-scale properties that may require varied viewpoints to truly communicate a development’s key features. Explore impact on cityscapes, visualise approach to the building/entrance, create impactful and stunning marketing materials. SEE MORE


Elevated shots that explore the scope of a development on a grande scale. Often required for planning applications for large site in towns and cities. SEE MORE

Verified views (AVR / VVM)

Accurate visual representations of buildings created by combining photography, survey data and CGI. SEE MORE

Virtual staging

Add CGI elements to real-world photography to visualise existing spaces in new ways. Promote empty residential and commercial spaces to targeted sectors & demographics. SEE MORE

Workspace interiors

Communicating commercial interior design ideas and fit-out requirements via CG images and animations. SEE MORE

Residential interior views

Showcasing a property’s interior spaces in high-detail. Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, en-suites, lounges, living spaces, etc. SEE MORE

3D Axometric Floorplans

Elaborate angled viewpoint of rooms within a development. Communicate how to navigate around the space, and how internal areas are linked. SEE MORE


A picture speaks a thousand words, but our animation videos are comprised of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of images/frames, so how many words is that?

Animations increase engagement tenfold, boosting marketing impact whilst allowing properties to be explored in new and innovative ways.

Interior spaces can be moved through in effective real-time to provide a realistic user viewpoint that helps to tell the story of a project.

Outdoor locations can be blended with CGI to produce motion tracked animations, perfect for the planning and marketing of leisure developments.

Fly-through animations

Move around buildings or spaces fluidly. Swiftly present amenities, significant spaces and key features of a development. SEE MORE


Videos that navigate around spaces from a first-person perspective. SEE MORE


Fusion of image and video that creates an innovative, yet subtle piece of marketing content. SEE MORE

Motion tracking

Add CGI elements (buildings) in fixed locations to videography of a site. SEE MORE

Drone footage CGI Composite

Combine video capture via drone with CGI visualisations. SEE MORE

Virtual Reality.

Previously VR was a futuristic idea that was only applicable to niche projects and the gaming industry, but thanks to improvements in tech and the blood, sweat and tears of our designers it is fast becoming a key deliverable on the majority of our projects.

Virtual reality for the property industry comes in many forms, from easy to access 360 VR tours to the full-fat complete VR experience that requires the user to wear a handsome headset through which they can experience a realistic environment to explore via six-degrees of movement.

Walking through a space, switching on lights, playing music on the radio, changing the wall & floor colours of an apartment, the abilities of VR are almost limitless.

360 virtual tours

Visualise a space in 360 degrees whilst navigating between rooms via hotspots. SEE MORE

360 VR Tour Video

360 degree views of spaces merged into video format that allow for spaces to be viewed in a structured format (no interactive hotspots). SEE MORE

VR Walkthrough (Real-Time Render)

View and freely navigate through a space in 360 degrees via a web browser. SEE MORE


View an existing space in 360 degrees whilst navigating between rooms/areas via hotspots. SEE MORE

Unreal Virtual Reality

Complete six-degrees of movement VR. Experience via Virtual Reality (VR) headset or PC. SEE MORE

Augmented Reality

Merging virtual reality with the real-world. Innovative & interactive creations. SEE MORE

Interior Styling.

With an in-house interior designer and a team jam-packed with creatives, there is no end to our talents with regards to interior design.

Take the pressure off your marketing team, allow us to provide the interior styling inspiration and specification.

We know what looks good, and with your demographic in mind the spaces can be styled accordingly to improve engagement with the marketing content.

Mood Boards

Creation of an interior design specification to suit the target market, demographic and GDV of a project.

Furniture Spec

Provision for detailed furniture specification to be generated. Allowing a consistent furniture pack to be utilised for visualisations, through to real-world completion and fit-out.


Preview rooms scenes prior to CGI creation. Sign-off on interior design and overall aesthetic.