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These virtual tours are created in a similar way to a standard still CG image, with all visible aspects of the scene being created in the 3D environment. The main difference is that instead of a  standard viewpoint camera, a 360 camera is added to capture the visual of the 3D scene. With the help of specialist software this 360 image is translated and can be shown and interacted with on web browsers.

360 VR tours can be created for single rooms very easily, however at North Made Studio we tend to create larger scale 360 VR tours that contain complete houses/apartments. These type of 360 tour allow the user to navigate around the interior spaces and from room to room via hotspot points. Giving users the ability to effectively move around a property whilst also viewing the spaces in 360 degrees.

However 360 tours are not limited to interior spaces, the same techniques can be used to create exterior 360 tours that allow users to navigate through housing developments. We can even blend both styles together to allow users to move around the exterior aspects of a development and then enter the buildings and tour the interior spaces.

The 360 virtual tours we produce are very advanced, allowing for the inclusion of music, sound effects, videos and changeable lighting conditions.

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