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The world of architecture can often be slow moving, a lot of the time it tends to be a case of if it isn’t broke then no need to fix it. With the progression of computer power and software the industry has slowly adopted modern technology and embraced CAD to speed up the technical drawing process and give construction personnel more accurate information.

Since the introduction of 3D modelling some architects have tried to modernise and adopt this new practice, offering their clients basic 3D rendering of their buildings to help get across the style of their property creation. But the architects that do offer this service are few and far between, and what they do offer in terms of 3D CGI is low resolution and very simplistic as that is what their CAD software allows for.

The next step

The next step for architects to modernise is to turn to companies like North Made Studio, by allowing a skilled 3D CGI company to undertake the creation of the 3D architectural visualisations is the simplest way of visualising the properties and can help to cut costs and give the client a cleared picture of what will be created. Not only that but the significantly higher quality level of 3D rendering allows for the style of CGI visualisations we create can be utilised in marketing & advertising materials.

Where to go next?

The next phase of modernisation that architects will start to utilise will be virtual reality (VR). The 3D CGI world is moving more and more towards virtual reality and exploring the benefits of what VR can offer, both in terms of communicating a design and also advertising the property to potential investors or buyers. Architects haven’t needed to consider this side of the property world before now, but by utilising this new process architects can help to attract new clients and expand the diversity of their projects.

Allowing architects to show their clients what they have created, but not only see it in 2D, or even 3D, but experience it via VR, to allow their clients to stand inside a property before it is built and check over what the architect has created, scrutinise it and if required give feedback so the architect can make changes


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