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As the majority of our clients are successful property development companies, we have built up an understanding of what is usually required for a new property development in terms of CGI. To capitalise on this knowledge we have devised a range of developer packages that offer a set selection of CGI images/animations/VR creations to help cover all bases.

Our developer packages not only allow us to quickly and easily cater for the majority of property developments, but they also allow us to group together our tasks, so we can offer strong discounts with them.

Our current range of CGI developer packages are as follows:


Package 1 – Ideal for smaller projects

6 images in total, including:

  • Exterior of Building
  • Lounge with view to kitchen (suitable for apartments)
  • Bedroom 1
  • Kitchen (or bedroom 2)
  • Bathroom
  • 3D floorplan


Package 2 – Perfect for larger sites with 2-3 house/apartment types

10 images in total, includes images from package 1 plus:

  • Second exterior visual
  • Bedroom 2 or 3
  • Additional 3D floorplan
  • Lifestyle shot (close up of décor/furniture).


Package 3 – Ideal for larger plots with 4+ house types.

15 images & animation/virtual tour

Includes image packages from 1 & 2 plus:

  • Extra exterior visuals (for different house types)
  • Extra interior visuals (for different house types)
  • Aerial view of plot
  • Dusk and day exterior visuals.
  • Additional close up lifestyle shot
  • 60-70 second animation or virtual reality tour of the interior ( 1 property).


Should your development not fit into these packages or you require CGI work that is slightly unusual then we also offer tailor made developer packages that can still achieve great discounted rates on overall cost.


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