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North Made Studio is dedicated to offering a complete service to our clients, to do this we have added aerial drone photography and filmography to our services. The use of aerial drones is becoming incredibly popular due to the unique viewpoints they can showcase and they can prove very important to a property development project in several ways. The aerial drone services we provide are Civil Aviation Authority CAA rated and fully insured. Aerial drone photos & videos can help to capture the true scale of a property development, including its surroundings (land, gardens, etc). Although this can also be created purely with CGI, the ability to mix the 2 can provide amazing results that give a truer sense of what the development will look like in situ at the specific location., sharing a clearer example of the area, its landmarks, potential views, etc. Google Maps and Google Earth are good but often outdated and in the fast moving world of property development, having an up-to-date image of a potential development site can be incredibly valuable.


How can aerial drone photography be paired with CGI?

Give a fresh perspective on a property development by superimposing the CGI representation of the building onto aerial drone photos or videos. Aerial drone photography can be utilised with CGI architectural visualisations to create amazing visuals for larger buildings, buildings that will be located in areas of interesting landscapes or large development sites that consist of multiple houses. The aerial photography and videos can be taken at a specific time of day to gain the desired lighting results. So we can showcase the properties in normal daylight, at dusk, dawn and nighttime.

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Why does your property development need aerial drone photography?

Gain investment in a proposed development by utilising aerial photography and video of your site in proposals Show your investors your site in meetings, via your website or on social media. The progress of your site can be documented from initial works to final completion. Making for great content for use in social media as well as a step by step guide to help attract further investment for new developments. In terms of sales the drone aerial views can be utilised by the CGI team to produce superimposed views of the property development in the exact intended location at different times of day and in different conditions (weather, traffic, people, etc). Also landscaping is an often overlooked aspect in the CGI imagery for new properties, by utilising aerial drone photography we can showcase the surrounding landscaping, and enhance it to become more of a key feature of a property development. Selling a view or showcasing a secluded location. Birds-eye view and other distance viewpoints can be incredibly useful during the planning process for a new property development, by using drone photography you can submit plans to councils that will have accurate images of your site as it currently is, giving you a better opportunity to get planning approved.


Drone aerial photography & video for property marketing

Different vantage points can be requested giving the ability to not only show the new development in situ before construction works starts. But we can also use aerial drone photography to generate potential views from inside the property development. For example we can create an interior room of the property and show the correct view out of the windows. Giving the development another great selling point. For properties with balconies we can even create a CGI walkthrough that allows the user to experience walking through the room, out onto the balcony, to fully experience the views that will be available from the finished property.

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