Verified Views

As a prominent Manchester CGI studio, offering a complete service for our clients is one of our key aims,. To do this we have added verified views to our available services. Verified views have been requested more and more by clients over the last few years, so at North Made Studio we through it was time to invest in the capabilities to offer them.

What are verified views?

“Accurate Visual Representations” (AVR) to assist architects and developers with the process of gaining planning permission for property developments and major renovations/extensions. Many councils request verified views for proposed property developments to gain a better understanding of the potential visual impact the development will have on the surrounding area. Verified views are a regular request on planning applications for developments that are located in a built up area, especially areas with local landmarks or prominent views (councils want to know how a property will effect the skyline of the city).

How are verified views made?

Verified views (also known as Accurate Visual Representation AVR) are often requested for specific areas, to assess the impact of the property of the surrounding areas; this is where the process begins for us. By using specialist techniques and measuring equipment North Made Studio can accurately measure the buildings in the surrounding areas using survey points and pinpoint the location of the new development in reference to the landmarks within these surround areas. This allows us to create a wireframe or highlighted outline of the proposed property development, shown at the correct scale and in the correct location. Depending on the planning board we can also add additional modelling detail to the outline of the property, or in some cases fully render the CGI model of the property development to give a photorealistic superimposed (photomontage) view to showcase the intended development in situ as accurately as possible. The level of detail required for the verified views depends on what is requested, North Made Studio can offer all levels (level 0 - highlighted and shaded areas showing size and location of development, level 1 - more detail is added by using a wireframe, level 2 - CGI 3D modelling is added to show more of the structure and architectural form of the development and level 3 - full photorealistic render of the property using desired materials)
A great bonus of using verified views is that you can utilise the accurate measurements taken not only during the planning phase of a development, but also to assist with the final design and construction processes. Another additional bonus of utilising verifiable imagery is that after planning you still have a photorealistic representation of your property development superimposed on to an image fo the correct location. This works very very well from a sales point of view as many other developers will just use a general photomontage of the development that is not accurate and therefore not completely honest with the buyer. This is something you can trade on, promoting to your buyers that you have an accurate representation of the finished property, not a mocked up example of what you hope it will look like.

Verified views (also known as Visually Verified Montage VVM) are becoming a regular request as part of the planning process, if your property development requires verified views, VVM or AVR for the planning process, please feel free to give North Made Studio a call today, or email us with information about what verified views you’ll need.

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