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North Made Studio are masters of the virtual property world, providing CG images, animations and 360 virtual tours. With the restrictions of COVID and the generally quick pace that the property industries operates to, we have extended our virtual tour offerings beyond the virtual-world and into the real-world. 

To allow for remote show-home tours we now provide Matterport virtual 360 tours of homes and commercial spaces. These tours work with most modern smart-phones, tablets, iPads, iPhones and computers. Allowing the user to view several areas of the property in 360 degrees. 

Matterport tours provide the most realistic way to remotely view a real-world property, allowing for fluid movement between hotspots within the interior space. The user can explore the complete property in HD, even venturing outside the view the frontage of a property and the rear garden.

Who needs a Matterport 360 virtual tour?

Many of our clients have several homes under construction, for the properties that are going to be several months away from completion we can produce a CGI 360 virtual tour that allows them to strongly market the property in an off-plan format. To complement this, Matterport 360 degree virtual tours can be created for any properties within the development that are complete. The most popular option tends to be to have a 360 Matterport tour created for the show-home of the development, following up with a CGI 360 tour of the properties that are still under construction.

COVID assistance

The beauty of the Matterport property tours is that they allow for a property to be shown in high-detail on a remote basis, allowing potential buyers to still experience the show-home and everything that the homes within the development have to offer, without taking any social-distancing risks. For the marketing team the process for promotion of the property becomes even easier than carrying out a physical tour with an interested party. A link to the Matterport 360 property tour can be added to a website, shared of social media, or simply emailed across to potential buyers. Allowing them to view the tour whenever is convenient for them on a variety of devices.

Rental Properties

Our Matterport property walkthrough tours can also be used to promote rental properties. Allowing potential tenants the ability to virtually tour the property, and assess if it will work for them. Potential tenants are shown to be 300% more engaged with a Matterport 360 virtual tour than they are with still images of the same property. Over 70% of estate agents say that 3D Matterport tours have helped them win more listings.

Commercial property Matterport Tours

3D Matterport tours work incredibly well for commercial properties. Gyms, health-clubs, restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels and holiday parks can be captured in the Matterport tour, allowing potential visitors to explore the space. Putting them at ease whilst also allowing them to gain knowledge about the business and what is has to offer to their needs. During COVID restrictions these tours work especially well, allowing potential customers to tour the business premises, learn how to navigate the area and better plan their visit.

Matterport for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Educational institutions can also benefit from the Matterport 3D tours. All areas that pupils/students will be able to access can be captured within the Matterport tour, allowing students and parents to explore the premises, learn how to navigate the space and review what features that particular school/college/university has to offer. Infographic tags can be added to feature-rich areas of the tour, to explain in more detail certain areas and allow for a call to action to be added.

Larger areas

Matterport 360 virtual tours can also be created for large spaces, event spaces, conference centres, museums, art galleries, etc. All of these interior spaces can be shown within a Matterport virtual tour, allowing for the spaces to be reviewed for a future purpose (wedding, award ceremony, etc) or explored in a virtual way if the user cannot get to the location. Museums and galleries are especially well setup for Matterport tours. The majority of the experience of visiting these places can be encapsulated within the tour. Allowing viewers to move through the museum/gallery, view the installations and artwork. Also allowing them to click on tagged sections to receive additional information about what they are looking at.

As a stand-alone product, Matterport 360 virtual tours are a great, when used in conjunction with CGI on upcoming development projects and renovations they can round-out a marketing package. Providing the end user/viewer with a complete scope of what is and will be available within that location.

To find out more about Matterport virtual tours and how they may benefit your company, please feel free to give us a call or email us at

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