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Unreal Virtual Reality is our complete VR solution. This can be used on PC or via VR headset (Oculus). By using the powerful Unreal Engine software a virtual environment can be created, allowing properties to be created with high accuracy and virtually experienced in a very personal way.

The Unreal technology is a gaming software engine, therefore the virtual reality tours we create are in effect small video games, allowing the users to move around with up to six-degrees of movement, walk, crouch, move the head to view different angles and also interact with special elements with the VR scenes (switch on lights, TVs, etc).

Configuration abilities can also be built into the virtual reality experience, allowing users to not only move through and view a space but have control over designated aliments, allowing users to change wall/floor finishes, swap out furniture, change lighting conditions (time of day). Animated 3D people can also be included with the Unreal VR tours to add extra realism and bring scenes to life.

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