3D Floorplan Visualisations

Fast becoming one of the main requirements of our property visualisation packages, the 3D floorplan CGI visualisations offer an alternative way to showcase the floorplan of a property. Moving away from the traditional 2D line drawing.

The 3D floorplans not only allow for the viewing angle to be selected; the rooms can be shown furnished to add a sense of life to the property.
Adding life to a residential property is always an excellent way to draw the viewer into the space, allowing them to imagine themselves within that property, navigating the rooms, picturing the way they would set out their furniture within that space.

Viewing angles

The viewing angle of a 3D floorplan can be set to whatever is preferred, the angle can be adjusted to show the best aspect of the property layout, focus on a key feature or even be produced in a birds eye view to give a 3D version of a traditional 2D floorplan, but this 3D version includes furnishings, allowing the viewer to get a fuller experience from the floorplan.


adjective: axonometric using or designating an orthographic projection of an object, such as a building, on a plane inclined to each of the three principal axes of the object; three-dimensional but without perspective.

Axonometric views are another term for 3D floorplans, producing cross sectional views of a building. Cutting through walls and floors to expose the internal layout of the property. Most axonometric views are produced to show a single floor, however there are no limitations on what we can do, so alternative axonometric views can be produced to show vertical cross sections as well as horizontal cross sections, showing cross sections of several floors at once. These type of 3D floorplans are not only informative; they also look amazing as no other type of floorplan produces a visual aspect like this.

Commercial axonometric views

For the commercial property sector axonometric views can help during the planning phase of a project. By visualising the layout of the interior, the space can be explored, allowing for navigation and pathways to be tested prior to construction.

WebGL floorplans

New advances in technology now allow the 3D floorplan visualisation process to become a more inclusive service for online viewing. Whilst our still image 3D floorplans are perfect for print media, they can seem limited when viewed via an online platform. To enhance them, North Made Studio have the ability to build them into a WebGL interface that allows the 3D floorplan view to be manipulated, rotated, zoomed, etc. And to extend the interactivity further, the floorplan can be linked to 3D views of each room, allowing the overall layout to be viewed and the the individual rooms to be explored when requested.
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