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AR is an emerging sector that is always advancing. Augmented reality creations allow real-time content such as mobile phone camera views to be overlaid with CGI and VR content, creating marketing materials that are innovative and engaging.

As the technology advances, more and more futuristic solutions are being created. Products can be virtual shown in a real world space in real-time, allowing users to view how products will look in a setting. For example a sofa can be placed in a room, with a fixed location locked that allows the user to move around the room and view the sofa from different viewpoints and angles, helping them decide if it is suitable for purchase.

AR can be utilised in the property sector in several ways:

AR markers can be incorporated into printed brochures, allowing users to have access to a 3D virtual viewpoint of a property when the markers are scanned by a smart-phone or tablet.

Augmented reality can place new property developments on real-world views of the location. For example a user could be walking past a development site, scan a marker and view the location through the phone camera. This would allow the property development building(s) to appear in situ through the camera view. Allowing the user to explore how the new building(s) will interact with the location and existing landmarks.

AR can be used to show how renovations will take effect on a development. Interior spaces can be overlaid with new design and development options and all viewed from every angle via a smartphone camera or tablet. 

Portals can be created that allow interior spaces to be placed in real-world locations. Users can view these portals via smartphone, entering them and exploring virtual environments that are overlaid onto them. For example an apartment space could be created in AR, with a virtual space that is viewed in 360 degrees, however the views from the windows are real-time location based. Providing a more immersive experience for the user.

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