Virtual Staging CGI

Virtual staging blends CGI with real-world imagery to generate a realistic final image that showcases and interior space with a revised interior design style.

The process works in a similar way to the photo-montage CGI views we create for property exterior shots. A base image is supplied by the client, usually it is an empty room. From this our team can generate an approximation of the room’s dimensions in our 3D software. With this 3D model created we have the ability to add various items to the scene (chairs, tables, cupboards, rugs, artwork, etc).
North Made Studio predominantly generate virtual staging CGI shots for commercial interior spaces (offices) but the same principles can be implemented in the residential interior sector. Within the commercial interior sector, the ability to virtual stage an empty office space can work wonders. The space can be brought to life, giving a great insight for potential tenants or buyers as to what the space could look like once they move in.
For furniture makers and suppliers, virtual staging can be used to fill an existing room with their products, providing marketing imagery that blend the lines between the virtual and real world.
For the end user, the commercial virtual staging service provides a glimpse of the interior space, completely fitted out and ready to use. There is also the ability to produce several variations in the furniture and decor used. Allowing the space to be visualised with several different interior design styles. Giving the user the ability to make an informed decision about what style will suit the space and their preference best.
In addition to adding new décor items and furniture, the lighting of the scene can be modified to make the image pop. Creating a more engaging and welcoming aesthetic that is going to get the image more of the attention it deserves.
As well as lighting modifications, there is the ability to edit some of the existing décor and finishes on the interior space. Walls can be converted to brickwork, floors can be swapped for hardwood, existing light fixtures can be change. Generating a view of the existing commercial interior space that looks drastically different whilst still remaining within the same room dimensions.
Often our clients are not property developers or estate agents, they tend to be from other business sectors. They need to show an interior space with a virtually staged interior design so that the space can be shown in marketing and advertising materials. It may be for a start up who’s product/service is related to the commercial property market, or it may be a small company who want to promote a larger impression of themselves and do this by showing a large office fitted out with their specification of decor and branding.
Virtual Staging by North Made Studio is unlike many offerings of virtual staging, our service combines CGI with traditional photography to produce a hybrid that is as accurate as possible.

To discuss any potential requirements for Virtual Staging CGI in your commercial or residential interior spaces please contact us via email or call.