Apartment block and high-rise building visuals are something North Made Studio excel at. Due to the scale of these buildings, more time can be allocated to produce the visuals, allowing details to be amplified and truly outstanding architectural visualisations to be created by the team.


Aerial, elevated and ground level viewpoints can be produced. Demonstrating how the tall towers will integrate into the skyline, providing excellent content for planning applications as well as impactful marketing materials.


Drone photography of the location can be captured and the CGI of the skyscraper can be super-imposed onto it, to create a photomontage visual that explores the impact of the building on the location. 3D massing data can also be utilised to form an accurate white block style background of the surrounding builds, further enhancing how the building will integrate, whilst ensuring it stands out strongly.

Generation CO manchester property development - architectural visualisation 2

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