Commercial interior fit-out visualisation project

The commercial interior fit out sector works hand in hand with CGI. The majority of the big-name brand office furniture companies offer free, downloadable 3D models of their products. The benefit of this, is that our CGI team can utilise these 3D models to place the exact make and model of furniture that a interior design requires. Saving time for our designer’s and adding a highly level of accuracy to the visualisations.

Another benefit CGI has when working on interior fit out projects is the ability to work speedily. Many of our clients’ request ‘in-house’ quality imagery to help them ascertain the best placement for furniture and finalise the overall style for the space. Our team can produce versions of the CGI space in a lower quality that can be edited quickly and re-rendered to allow for changes to be tested out prior to presenting/submitting a final design in highly detailed 4K resolution.

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