Exterior Architectural Visualisation Animation

As part of an animation project with a North West based home developer, we produced 2 CGI animations, one for the interior penthouse apartment, and a second to showcase the exterior architectural visualisation. One of the most interesting features of this animation is that it incorporates motion tracking. Motion tracking is the facility where live video is taken of an area. A CGI is then overlaid on top of this live real-world video to create a blended video that allows for CGI creations to be shown within real world context and surroundings.

In this motion tracking animation, the 3 apartment towers have been added to real world video footage of the development site in Manchester. The apartment towers as well as surrounding landscaping has been overlaid to create a realistic representation of what the completed development will look like. All live video footage was taken using a drone and the CGI shows life going on around the 3 towers development, in the same way as it will be once the property development is completed.

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