Glass Sculpture – Product Visualisation

A bit of an unusual one for us as we have been strongly focusing on the arch viz and KBB sectors of the CGI industry, but it seemed like an interesting visualisation project, so we got involved. The client was a North West based luxury interior design and fit out company. Whilst refurbishing one of their clients Mayfair homes they were tasked with creating a sculpture . The sculpture was to be a gift from the clients family to him for this birthday. The family focused sculpture was to be created in iridescent glass and would stretch from floor to ceiling (over 3 metres).

With a basic chandelier style in mind the sculpture was to be almost completed made up of glass butterflies. The glass butterflies were to cascade down the sculpture from floor to ceiling. To incorporate the family strongly int the design sections were added that included laser etched faces of the clients children. As a form of personalisation that sculpture included a variety of specialist items that are held dear to the client. These items included his beloved yacht, his race car, his helicopter and his favourite train. All specialist items were also to be created in glass. As a visualisation project it was challenging due to the large enough of custom modelling that was required. Also the shear amount of glass textures included pushed things to the limits in terms of realism.


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