Manchester college CGI exterior visualisation

Created for one of our interior design clients, as part of the tender process for a new Manchester college building development, this modern and minimalist building needed to be shown with a high level of detail to make it stand out from other competitor projects. It consisted of a combination of stone, steel and a vast amount of solar film tinted windows to keep it looking open and welcoming. To achieve this high realism look we added extensive details throughout. Heavily detailed textures combined with realistic reflections help to give the building a photo realistic style. Additional details such as chamfered edges on stone building materials add to the realism style. The large panes of glass through this development can often cause issues with CGI images but thanks to our combination of reflections and transparency both the realistic effects of these windows can be viewed correctly. Our use of transparency on the glass aids greatly in communicating the use, style and depth of the new campus building. Being able to see partially inside the new development gives the user a complete picture of the shape of the building and an idea of how the internal space is likely to be configured. Additional details such as roller blinds and venetian blinds extend the sense of realism even further. As with most of our exterior architectural visualisations the landscaping and population elements are vitally important to continuing the CGI style and not breaking the sense of realism that has been created elsewhere. To achieve this properly we carefully selected images of people from our population resources. Each person was selected to continue the theme of an educational building to give the new development a live college campus style that fits in perfectly with its intended purpose. The landscaping was a simpler process, we selected simple grass and trees that help to complete the visualisation and keep it away from looking too much like a corporate office building.

  • manchester-college-architectural-visualisation-2
  • manchester-college-architectural-visualisation-1

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