The Quadrangle apartment complex CGI- Sanctuary Homes

In early 2018 North Made Studio were approached by Sanctuary Homes Group to initially produce a set of exterior visualisations for the ‘The Quadrangle’. They had been working on the development for several years and felt it needed a revised set of visuals to help ring it to life in their marketing push.

Our CGI team undertook the project, producing a 3D model of the complete building, giving us the scope to produce viewpoints of all 4 sides. The development was large and construction was on going, so creating a surround areas and backdrop for the property to be positioned was also taken int account.

Due to its size, the project was being developed with several other property development companies. To aid in the overall marketing we produced CGI shots of the apartment building from different angles and in different lighting conditions. Giving the develops scope to utilise the imagery is different ways on different marketing campaigns.

  • luxury-residential-property-visualisation-services-uk-studio-min
  • high-rise-apartment-visualisation-cgi-studio-manchester-min

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