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Hotel, Bar & Restaurant Visualisations
December 13, 2017
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March 3, 2016

Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom CGI's

(KBB industry visualisations)

At North Made Studio, we have an experienced team of 3D artists & designers that only work on kitchen, bedroom and bathroom visualisations for the KBB industry.

As one of the leading CGI studios in the North West, we work with numerous Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom (KBB) clients to help develop immersive 3D design visuals. With our combined experience of over 25 years in the CGI industry, we're able to produce technically accurate and detailed visuals for our clients who operate within the KBB sectors.

We work closely with teams of technical designers and managers to ensure your visuals are spot on and truly convey your message and ultimately, help attract more customers.

Drive more traffic and increase sales with stunning kitchen, bedroom and bathroom CGI's, crafted by our award winning in-house 3D Artists.

High quality interior visualisations help designers and retailers tell a story visually, and have been proven to be an excellent tool to generate product interest and brand awareness. Allowing your products and services to come to life. Utilising 3D images, can demonstrate how a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or product will look from any angle, well before it is even manufactured. Which is a great way to generate sales without having to incur manufacturing costs before sales are made.

The beauty of KBB visualisation is that once the 3D models have been completed there is the opportunity to edit the colours and textures shown within the scene to create variations. Giving the ability to showcase an entire range of products with different colour schemes, finishes and lighting effects (daytime / nighttime). These variations of KBB CGI scenes can be incorporated in a product configurator that can be edited (played with) directly by the end user. Allowing them to test out various configurations of bathrooms/kitchens/bedrooms prior to ordering.
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