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Workspace occupancy at a record high of 83% across the UK since Pandemic. Much higher than anticipated and out stripping original forecasts.

Despite challenging market conditions, the UK supply of serviced offices has continued to increase over the last three years. In 2022, the number of serviced offices rose by an estimated 5% to 4,081. Recent growth is partly driven by operators expanding in regional towns and cities and suburban markets in response to a move to hybrid work models, growing demand to work close to home and more companies establishing regional hubs.



We help you visualise your scheme, effortlessly and swiftly by utilising industry leading workflows in the world of 3d visualisation and CGIs. 

Our clients appreciate the services we provide, helping them to sell their design intent to various stakeholders. Our bread and butter tends to be CGIs, however more recently, we’ve been working on various virtual reality tours and animations, allowing viewers a more immersive experience. Take a look at an animation example below we did for flexible business interiors and incognito – both very reputable workspace design and fitout contractors.



This is a question we get asked a lot. Here are some benefits which we believe will help you understand the pivotal role CGI’s play. 


Using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) in a workspace project can offer a range of benefits that enhance the planning, visualisation, and presentation of the project. Here are some advantages:

Accurate Visualisation: CGI allows you to create lifelike, accurate visualisations of the workspace project. This is particularly useful during the design phase, as it helps stakeholders understand the final result before construction begins. You can showcase details such as layout, lighting, materials, and furniture placement with precision.

Design Iteration: CGI enables easy exploration of various design options. Designers can quickly modify elements of the workspace and generate updated CGI visuals, facilitating faster decision-making and iteration processes.

Realism: High-quality CGI can provide a realistic representation of the workspace. This realism helps stakeholders, including clients, investors, and team members, to get a clear and tangible sense of the project’s outcome.

Cost and Time Savings: Making changes in the digital realm through CGI is generally faster and more cost-effective than making physical changes in construction. This can lead to reduced errors and design revisions, ultimately saving time and money.

Urban Green Manchester - property marketing cgi visualsation - INT_HEATON_URBAN_GREEN_COFFEE_POD_FINAL_C02

Marketing and Communication: CGI visuals are powerful marketing tools. They can be used in promotional materials, presentations, and marketing campaigns to showcase the workspace’s potential, attracting potential tenants, buyers, or investors.

Virtual Tours: Using CGI, you can create virtual tours of the workspace. This is especially beneficial for remote clients or investors who may not be able to visit the site in person. Virtual tours offer an immersive experience and a better understanding of the space’s layout.

Preventing Misunderstandings: Traditional blueprints and 2D drawings can sometimes be difficult for non-technical stakeholders to interpret accurately. CGI visuals provide a clearer representation of the project, reducing misunderstandings and miscommunication.

Berkeley Square interior lounge cgi communal area manchester

Early Problem Identification: CGI can help identify potential design flaws or issues before construction begins. This proactive approach can prevent costly changes during the construction phase.

Accessibility and Inclusivity: CGI visuals can incorporate accessibility features and considerations, making it easier to design for inclusivity and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Sustainability Visualisation: CGI can simulate environmental factors such as lighting, ventilation, and energy usage. This aids in designing sustainable workspaces by visualising how various design choices impact energy efficiency and comfort.

open workspace cgi interior visualisation 3d commercial birmingham manchester

Customisation Showcase: For workspace projects that offer customisation options to tenants or buyers, CGI can demonstrate how different configurations will look, allowing clients to make informed choices.

Record Keeping: CGI visuals can serve as a form of record-keeping, capturing the design intent at various stages of the project. This can be valuable for future reference, renovations, or modifications.


Incorporating CGI into a workspace project offers numerous advantages, from improved design accuracy and visualisation to better communication and marketing capabilities. However, it’s essential to work with skilled CGI artists and designers to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the visuals.

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