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product visualisation - velvet chair CGI

So you’ve got your new product, but its all in your head or sketched out on paper. You may even have it modelled in 3D, but you don’t have a physical product. Now you have 2 choices. Get an expensive prototype made up of your product/idea. Or allow North Made Studio to create a 3D product visualisation of it.

With a prototype you end up with a physical product that can be tried out and tested. And if any issues are noticed then the design can be altered and improved. However to further develop the product a new prototype will need to be made.

Alternatively you can have a 3D product visual made up, this will allow you to show it to potential customers or investors digitally, quickly getting feedback and allowing you to develop the product further to suit its target market.

The 3D aspect also allows you to visualise the complete product experience, so not just the product by itself, but its packaging, the unboxing of the product. The product being used in context. We can even create animations to show the product in context and use. This is something that a prototype just cannot do.

And as a final great feature of opting for a 3D product visualisation is that if you haven’t created the 3D model yourself you can utilise the modelling from the 3D visuals to create your final prototype. So once all the issues have been worked out and corrected, you can have your final product made up as a tactile model.

Depending on your product, you may also be able to have its final version made via 3D printing using the modelling from our 3D visualisation work.


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