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These are the Next step up from static and animation VR. We create an Interactive space, allowing the user to move around within the space at will. Walk through doors, open cupboard, switch on lights and gadgets. It is a full immersive property visualisation experience that can be utilised via the use of VR headsets, tablets, smart phone for via a computer.

Well if you have every played a modern video game you will almost certainly have had first hand experience with sing unreal engine, the majority of modern console and PC games are built on the Unreal engine, it allows games developers to create a realistic environment with real physics and aesthetics. In effect what we do at North Made Studio when a client requests a unreal VR or live VR is create the CGI within the unreal engine, Turing it into a game. It is a very simple game wiht one 1 task….. to take the user on an 3D experiential journey that will ultimately result in them investing/purchasing the property. 

Currently the live virtual reality product is utilised most by our higher end clients due to the high costs involved in its production. However as technology progresses and techniques become quicker, we expect our live VR to be available to the middle weight clients within the next 6-12 months. Allowing the live VR to eventually supersede the static VR and animations.

The beauty of the live vr is that it can be edited and changed in realtime, allowing users to try out different materials/finishes etc. For example, if used for a Kitchen visualisation the live VR could give the user the ability the change the colour fo the door fronts, of worktops. Switch out appliances for differing styles. In effect allowing the entire range of finishes for the kitchen to be showcase in a single visualisation. So although currently very high cost, the live VR can be utilised to save money in the long run by showcasing a full range within the need for multiple images of each different option. 

The Unreal engine based live virtual reality visualisations are designed to work seamlessly with the Oculus headsets. Providing a great way to capture a clients vision/goal.


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