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There are several differences in the visualisation requirements when they are concerning a commercial property development. Residential pretty visualisations often follow the same path, with a set number of angles being required (front view, street-scene, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, lounge), these views have become a regular requirement for most residential trough trial an error, testing out what customers seem more interested in and what developments have been a sales success. When it comes to commercial property visualisations the process is slightly different. Often the funding types and funding amounts for the commercial developments are very different. Commercial properties tend to be very large and take a significant time to build, so the focus of the visualisations tends to fall more towards the start of the project. Focusing on getting the development approved and fully funded, so that construction can begin.

We regularly generate architectural visualisations for our commercial property development clients right at the planning phase, or the initial bidding phase. These visualisations are created in a fast & loose way as at this stage very little information about the commercial development is available. There may be some architectural drawings, but often not. A lot of the time our design team have to create the visualisations based on artistic representations or sketches of the development. Many of our clients utilise architectural visualisations for bidding on potential commercial property developments. For example one company may own a lot of land and want to build a commercial property in this location, instead of carrying out all the work themselves they open up the project for tender, allowing property development companies and construction companies to bid for the tender, generating their own vision of what the development could look like. The successful bid wins the contract and then works in partnership with the main company to proceed with the development and get it built. 

A similar process is also used by local authorities, they create a tender for an area, allowing commercial property development companies to submit bids and showcase a variety of designs that can be considered. 

The overall tender process can be very quick, with little time between initial announcement and closing date, so on these projects our CGI team often have to work flat out for a full week to produce a set of visualisations for submission.


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