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The benefits of CGI in the uncertain times of BREXIT

Brexit does not seem be ending anytime soon, deadlines keep passing and the can is being kicked down the road. This is becoming a cause for concern for many pretty developers, many developments are being stalled to limit any potential impact that Brexit may cause. At the same time investors and buyers are also hesitant to put their money up due to the uncertainty.

We can see it with our clients, each time a Brexit deadline approaches things slow down, final plans take longer to be submitted, go ahead on the visualisation creation is subject to delays and overall the projects start to take longer. 

Although Brexit is causing uncertainty it is also an opportunity to invest funds correctly. Whilst the repercussions of Brexit may cause some issues with the property market….. people will still need houses, developments will still go ahead, the land earmarked for a development will still need to be utilised. So why not push forward, show that your development and your company are not adverse to a little be of disruption. Press ahead with the creation of CGI visualisations, the design of the property will not change just because the UK is no longer in the EU. Marketing the property now, before Brexit is going to guarantee some deposits, showing a strong attitude for your development will give buyers confidence in your property development. 

Visualisations will be required to market the property before Brexit and they will also be required after Brexit, so why delay? The costs of visualisations will not change and as the main marketing resource they need to be utilised as much as possible to drum up interest in a property development. So you may as well get the CGI shots ordered ASAP and marketing your property development Brexit be damned.


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