Using Cameo shots in CGI visualisations

How can Marketing companies utilise CGI visualisations?
July 7, 2019
bokeh effects in cgi imagery
Bokeh effects in CGI property visualisation
November 12, 2019

You’re paying for the extra level of detail associated with a KBB image therefore why not make the most of it and add some cameo shots? The cameo shots offer a close up perspective of a selected area of the visualisation. For clients in the kitchen and bathroom sector this can be an invaluable addition to a set of marketing shots. The ability to offer a “zoomed in” view of features such as faucets, tiles, mixers and lighting fixtures gives a focal point to marketing imagery. Blending the overall vision of the room with a highlighted product that is the true item that is being promoted. The cameo shot also allows the added levels of detail to be seen better. Making that additional level of detail added to the overall scene well worth the additional cost.