Commercial Exterior Visualisations

Lets not forget the commercial building sector, traditionally limitations and standard requirements for office spaces control what can be done to the basic structure of a new office block. So having an interesting exterior can be something that will really push your office building project to the top of the pile. Again the techniques we use for creating 3D office visualisations are the same as we would use for houses or apartments, So even huge office block visualisation requirements do not phase us. In fact this sector is one of our favourites as we get to play around with all the fancy textures like glass, mirror and metal. Whilst keeping things nice and minimalist.
As with our other architectural visualisation services we can also utilise our techniques to create realistic interior visuals to match up to plans and showcase what the inside of the office would be like during a working day at the office. We can incorporate people, desks, computers and include a walkthrough so that all areas of the office space can be visualised
As well as 3D office space visualisations we can offer our CGI services on projects in other commercial sectors. Shopping malls, arcades and high street redevelopment are a sector where our commercial building visualisations can come in very handy. once all the planning has been approved and the building work has started our 3D visuals can help to find tenants for the empty retail spaces. We can work on generic (made up brands) to give your potential clients an overview of the new retail development, or we can incorporate copyrighted logos (with client approval) into potential direct marketing.

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