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Animation is a growing sector for North Made Studio, our diverse range of clients gives us the chance to work on some very interesting and innovative projects. Many of these projects cannot be fully visualised without the use of our CGI animation services.

Property Animation

The more the property marketing sector embraces online advertising, the more it requires visual motion services to enhance its online presence and keep viewers engaged. Potential buyers want to interact more and more with content when searching for property online. Giving these buyers the ability to experience a property development not only via still CGI images but also via attractive CGI animations is becoming vital. There are two main versions of property marketing animations, Walkthroughs and Fly-throughs.

The Animation Walk-through

An animated walkthrough is an innovative and engaging way to give an interested viewer a detailed view of the layout and navigation through a property. Walkthrough videos are often used in the sales process for existing properties and work very well. So why not apply this same technique to a new property development before it is finished? An animation that tours the property in a virtual space gives the same effect but gives you the ability edit it to suit any changes in the development as it progresses.

The Animation Fly-through

Flythrough animations are the second most common form of property marketing animation. As their name states, these types of animations fly through the development, generating an impressive view of the property. The fly-through animation CGI is most commonly utilised for the exterior view of a property development, creating a swooping camera view that moves across the surrounding space around the exterior of the building. The fly through animation can move in 360 degrees and all directions, allowing for key features of a property to be highlighted and viewed in detail if required. 

Property Flythrough animations are great for commercial properties as the flying element allows the ability to cover large areas in a short space of time, animations are always best to be kept relatively short, as longer animations tend to lose the attention of the viewer. Keeping the fly through animation speedy can be vital if it will be used for marketing purposes. However, if the fly-through animation is to be used as part of a tendering or planning process then it can be as long as required to showcase the entire development.

Away from these 2 main CGI animation services our design team can also produce any type of animation for the property. Many of our client’s commission us to produce overview animations. These animations are comprised of several short clips that track through different rooms within a development. All clipped together via neat transitions, giving an overview of the whole property in a short and punchy 20-30 second clip that engages viewers online. 

Time-lapse animations can be produced to create an engaging video of a property, showing it’s daily life. Telling the story of the development is a great way of boosting your property marketing impact.

Motion tracking animation

Motion tracking animation is something we have begun utilising more and more recently at North Made Studio. In essence the motion tracking videos blend animation with real-time video, matching up the cameras angle and movement from the source video. 

Motion tracking animation can be utilised in a vast array of project types, the most common we utilise it for at North Made Studio is property animation and product animation. For the property sector the motion tracking animation can be used to blend a video or drone video footage of a development site with CGI elements of the property development overlaid. The CGI properties are added into the scene, lighting and other elements are edited to match the source video, producing a blended scene that gives a realistic representation of the property development via an animation. 

KBB & Product Animation

Away from the property development sector we also often utilise motion tracking CGI animation for product marketing purposes. Many of our KBB sector clients need to display their products with people using and interacting with them. Motion tracking animation allows our team to produce this, even at the very high detail and quality that the KBB sector requires.

Film / Advertising

We also work with advertising, TV, production and film companies to assist with any CGI animation requirements they have on their projects. This work can be massively varied and often comes with a NDA attached, however these projects allow our design team to really test their CGI and animation skills, whilst working on really innovative projects that are exciting, amazing and impressive.


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