Head Office Refurbishment Visualisations – BASF
BASF_head office - workspace visualisation CGI 2

This was a small project we were involved with in late 2018, our client (a large interior design firm) tasked us with creating 2 interior visualisations for a new commercial space at BASF. The design incorporated several dark finishes throughout, these were offset by contrasting bright strip lighting and light coloured furniture pieces to create a memorable interior space that looks incredibly stylish and utilises dark finishes with becoming to imposing.

Light played a key part in creating highlights within this space, neat accent lighting from above and bold lighting on a large backlit screen complement each other way. With additional lighting features being added tot he lower sections of the counters and seating areas. Greenery has been incorporated to eliminate the space from becoming too industrial, something that often happens with interior designs that use a lot of dark tones.

BASF_head office - workspace visualisation CGI 1

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