Hotel restaurant visualisation
hotel restaurant visualisation roomset

Created for one of our hotelier clients, this set of CG images were commissioned to help illustrate an interior designer idea for a refurbishment of the on-site restaurant facilities.

The new design was vastly different from the existing traditional restaurant setup and so the visualisations needed to be highly specialist to correctly communicate the idea that was up for consideration.

3 areas of the interior space were visualised, showing the overall interior styling of the area, with unusual honeycomb style hexagonal floor tiles and sculptural wooden partitions surrounding the area. The 3 shots depicted 3 different areas of the hotel restaurant, with differing table sizes and layouts. A close up of a table area was also added to lend a more detailed view to the CGI set.

The interior design aesthetic was very impressive; therefore, our task was to showcase as many of the interesting features as possible. Exposed ceiling features, innovative flooring, wooden sculpture walls, etc

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