Office Space CGI – Manchester

This 3 image CGI scene set was produced as part of a tendering process for an office interior design company based in Cheshire. Our task was to utilise the mood boards and product examples they supplied us, and create a photorealistic depiction of the office space that they could present to their potential client. The key task for us was to correctly communicate the size and openness of the office space, the company it was intended for would be utilising the space for all employees and board meetings, so these needs needed to be shown. Overall you can see the long tables, projector and picturesque window views help to communicate the board room vibe that is required, but our addition of office accessories like notepads, potted plants and iPads / MacBooks helps to break this up and show that the desks are also part of a shared space within the room and not just for board meetings and big presentations. The office space was inside a converted industrial building, so the central pillar running through the middle of the room had to be incorporated into the style of the room but in effect disguised, this was done by extending the colour theme of the office space onto it. Elsewhere the interior design style was chosen to create a modern looking interior room that was very functional, to amplify this smooth industrial style flooring was added along with smaller elements like the spotlights and ceiling lights on pulleys. The walls of this office space were designed to work around existing construction elements of the building that could not be moved, so there are a considerable amount of angles on many of the walls, this often can cause issues when creating an interior CGI visualisation, but thanks to our strict use of correct to scale sizes we have been able to correctly show these angled walls without things looking distorted or odd.

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