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Virtual Handover Videos

COVID has really thrown a spanner in the works of the property industry, from construction delays to hesitant buyers and everything in between. It has been a tough time, but a way to improve the situation is to adapt and overcome these issues. One of our most successful new products during the COVID-era has been the Virtual Handover Tour Video.
To allow for property handover to happen, the usual process is to tour the new home with the buyer, navigating them to all the main technical features of their new home and explaining how things work, so that they are comfortable and confident about everything within their new property. With COVID restrictions and social distancing measures it has become very difficult for housing associations and home builders and property developers to provide this usual service. An innovative solution to this problem is to produce a guided tour Handover Video that has a Professional visually and verbally navigate to these key areas of the home and explain how to use things.
Home buyers love the simplicity of a virtual handover as they can view it when is convenient to them and also revisit the Handover Video and replay it in the future if they are ever unsure on the location of a certain feature of their home (location of water meter, location of fuse box, etc)
Another benefit of the Virtual Hanover Video we have found is that once produced, it requires very minimal time to provide it to the buyer, saving on all the time that is usually taken up by carrying out the physical face-to-face handover tour in person. Previously this time limitation would mean that only a few handovers could be carried out per day, now there is no limit to the number of handovers. Meaning that the virtual Handover Video Tour may become the standard service for new home handovers once COVID restrictions lift and the world returns back to the status quo.
The tours can following any directive that is required, however the usual setup is to introduce the property/development, welcome the viewer and have a professional member of staff carry out the tour following a directed list of key areas to survey. Our team will record the team member explaining the location and usage of the features and then create a selection of clips that can be put together to produce a complete video. Disclaimers can be added where needed.

Many of our clients tend to request a set handover video that will work for several homes within the development. Using this as a master copy that can have additional clips added for any special feature that certain homes with the site may have (different location of meters, different heating system, etc)

To find out more about our Virtual Handover Video Tours please contact us.